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Sports & Remedial Massage

Physiotherapy, massage & pilates

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Welcome to Glasgow Sport & Spine

Fully Certified A.R.T Active Release Techniques Provider.
Certified Frequency Specific Microcurrent Clinic. Certified SFMA provider.

The clinic is based in Glasgow, Scotland we incorporate the best of Neuromuscular & physical therapy, Active Release Technique – soft tissue therapy, sports medicine, functional assessment, nutritional & rehabilitation exercise advice to help resolution of many common conditions including back pain, upper back and shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica, neck pain, soft tissue & sports injuries.

Postural assessment, alignment and core retraining I do mostly incorporating  functional movement and dynamic neuromuscular principles from the Professor Kolars DNS system and PRI principles for breathing and diaphragm engagement. I have also trained with and draw on Stuart McGills and Guy Voyers work for spinal rehabilitation especially in the strength athletes I work with.

We treat post surgical scar tissue, wound healing and fractures.

Clinic director Guy Murray is one of 2 fully certified  Active Release Techniques in Scotland. He is also certified in the clinical Integrated Diagnostic System, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Dry Needling, Kinesio taping and various other valuable treatment modalities.

Exercise rehabilitation specialists for dysfunctional and painful movement patterns, learn to re-educate your neuromuscular system to overcome chronic pain complaints and to come back from injuries. Performance increasing and rehabilitation strategies that also aim to minimise future injury developing. Use your body optimally and function properly at work and play.

Our system is to assess the patient and based on an accurate diagnosis treat individually based on that assessment to effect changes to benefit the patient, we do not use a one size fits all approach.

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The Backbone of our Clinic

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Sports & Remedial Massage

Physiotherapy, massage, & pilates

Our team of osteopaths, physiotherapists, nurses & sports therapists are dedicated to reducing your pain and restoring your function using their unique individual approach.

When you’re in pain and facing the distress and invonvenience that accompanies it, you required reliable solutions. wheather your injury originates from sporting activities, gardening, the office or just wear and tear, at The Buckingham Clinic our friendly and professional approach aims to help you return to full function and remain there. Please contact us to find out if we can help you with your problem.

Clinic Opening Hours

9.30am - 9pm
Monday - Fri
(Guy Nicola)
9.30am - 5pmvSaturday (Nicola only - Sports\Remedial Massage, Taping)

Our Location

The clinic in based in Glasgow near the Merchant City and with free parking outside. Next door to the former ‘The Inn on the Green’ restaurant and opposite the entrance road to ‘The Peoples Palace’.

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