Exercise rehabilitation

Core strength rehabilitation – I’ll help you strengthen the spinal stabilising system properly and increase your chance of back pain staying away after treatment.

As well as treating manually – eg. Soft tissue techniques such Active release techniques and IASTR – Instrument assisted soft tissue release, Muscle energy techniques, dry needling and so on it is extrememly important to restore the proper state to the body.

This means correcting any weaknesses and movement pattern problems that are found. Iave been following the work of the worlds leading rehabilitation experts such as Professors Dr Kolar, Dr Stuart McGill and have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with a few of them eg. Pavel Kolar in Prague, Craig Leibenson and Kyle Kiesel who helped Gray Cook develop FMS and SFMA.

I begin work with patients as quicky as possible to help return normal function – this way we are also working on the underlying cause of their pain and symptoms as well as treating the symptom itself.

A typical 1 hour treatment will be 70-80% hands on treatment and 30% rehabilitation in chronic back problems. An initial consult will begin with taking a history and testing but will include treatment as well.