All you need to know about billing and coverage

Glasgow Sport & Spine Clinic Fee structure and terms

Please note the average treatment time required is either 30 or 45 minutes

Treatment Price
30 minutes £30.00
45 minutes £40.00
60 minutes (Including initial consultations) £60.00

Clinic Hours Tuesday – Thursday

8am – 8pm (8pm being the final 60 minute appointment time)

I am afraid that I am now having to implement a last minute cancellation fee.

  • Within 12 hours the full price will be due

Extenuating circumstances will be looked at on an individual basis.

If a patient cancels repeatedly at short notice I may have to refuse future treatment.

Sports Massage is offered 7 days a week from my clinic but is booked though the phone number above or on line at

When booking for massage don’t worry about what type to get, our Sports therapists will do a consultation form with you. The treatment will be tailored to suit you. E.g. Targeting a shoulder or a hamstring etc. For more information on massage look at our FAQ page on massage.