The backbone of our clinc.

The treatments listed here are techniques, either manual techniques, rehabilitative or assessment \ screening techniques such as the SFMA which have been given a ‘name’. It’s important to understand that not everything works for everyone and therapists and clinicians should have a good toolbag. Treatment for a given condition eg. ankle sprain, hamstring tear or back pain is necessarily going ot be individual based on the persons needs.

I’ve never seen two identical anything, so why would I treat a ‘branded’ problem with an off the shelf protocol? When making an apppointment you are booking time – we’ll assess and treat with an agreed plan and you’ll know why we are doing something or why we are not doing something. Without diagnosis of a problem there is no treatment, sounds obvious but alot of people I see have had alot of treatment and no-one diagnosed what was wrong.

Please note that usually it is a good idea to bring shorts (we have shorts if you don’t) and if female bring or wear a vest top or sports top especially if I am likely to be examining and treating in the shoulder and back area.

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