Dry Needling

Trigger point dry needling uses  acupuncture needles to release tight muscles with the goal of permanently reducing muscle pain and dysfunction.

Applicable for patients in chronic pain patients and the athletic population.


A: It can cause some discomfort but not any more than ischemic pressure would cause when using a manual techniques to treat a Trigger Point (TrP)

A: Solid Acupuncture needles are used (They are of course sterile in the packet and 1 needle per MuscleTrP is used.)

A: No. Dry needling is treating physically dysfunctional TrPs in the muscles which are first identified and palpated by the Clinician. The needle is then used to de-activate the point and in most cases eliminate the pain and muscular dysfunction caused by the TrP.

A: Everyone is different, and reacts differently to treatment. 2 – 5 sessions is the average number. Dry Needling can be used in our clinic as part of a treatment or on its own depending on the individuals requirment.

A: To train you first need to be a Physiotherpaist, Doctor, Osteopath, Neuromuscular Therapist or Chiropractor with Trigger point training and clinical experience.