Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Release was really popularised by the Graston Technique over a decade ago in the United States.

I primarily use theTécnica Gavilán system which is a system of manual therapy,
therapeutic modalities & functional exercise in three planes of movement.

I’ve tried and tested over 30 types of tools over the years and find these the most effective. The can improve your movement, improve elasticity of scar tissue or ‘knots’ in the muscles and also help with nerve entrapments.

See some of the people who uses this system worldwide:

‘The instruments free my muscles; I am faster and stronger.’
Kim Kreiner, USA Track & Field | Javelin National Record Holder | Two Time Olympian

>World Champion San Francisco Giants
> San Jose Earthquakes Pro Soccer
> Houston Dynamo Pro Soccer
> Stanford University
> University of California, Berkeley
> Santa Clara University
> San Jose State University
> United States Air Force Academy